A shock and a gasp then you shudder to life…

The Great Maker is dying. As his condition deteriorated, the people of Autocthon began to battle with ever greater intensity over resources or ideology. But now even these conflicts have withered away into desperate isolation.

The essence network that enabled human life, even in the depths of Autocthonia, is now totally disrupted. With the network went the Great Makers ability to resist the pestilence that courses through his body. As the network collapsed, all communications between the city states was made impossible. Autocthons death throws have left almost all of his body uninhabitable, forcing almost all of the Autocthonians to retreat to the great cites at the elemental poles. But now, starved of essence, even these bastions of stability are in disarray. The agents of oblivion spread discontent through the Poplat and the millions of refugees trapped outside the great cities. It now seems inevitable that the Great Makers heart will seize and his mind will quiet, leaving even the most devout to accept oblivion.

The Network Theory

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