The Origin of Reaction

Lord of the Elemental Pole of Lightening


The Origin of Reaction stands around ten metres tall, with bluish crystalline skin. The entire posterior of its body, from its head to its heels, is studded with thousands of cables that snake away in every direction plugging into various sockets around the arena. These cables hold the immense being aloft. Reality bends and distorts around it, lightening crackles and static fills the air around it.

The Origin of Reaction is surprisingly lacking in clarity, potentially due to being disconnected from the network he regulates. Manic, desperate, very unpredictable. Manipulative to the highest degree.


In the very centre of Ori floating a mile above the city is the core. This great reflective sphere connects to the city by two great umbilical cords that pulse with essence and are studded with ancient Alchemical exalted. At the heart of the core lies a huge arena like space, where every surface is covered in sockets, in the middle of which there is a half sunken orb. Within this orb reside the Origin of Reaction. One of the Great Makers component souls, the Origin regulates the essence network that is spread through Autocthon, acting as a clock that pulses essence through the network. Since the spread of the rot that wracks Autocthons body, the network has disintegrated, leaving the Origin rudderless with no real purpose. It has become erratic, flitting between mania and melancholia, interspersed with periods of torpor.

The Origin of Reaction

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