Input-Output processing (Iop). Iop the second largest hub in the Lightening Network, but despite it’s large scale it has never had a huge population. Most of the strange structures related directly to Iop’s function of translating and processing information from the Origin of Reaction before redistributing it through-out the whole network. The name Iop is actually the triple code designated to the essence 10 Starmetal metropolis, that forms the core of the structure. Since the collapse of the Network, Iop has deactivated. It is assumed that this is due to a lack of essences, however it was originally largely due to a lack of purpose. After Iop deactivated, the city was completely abandoned.

Update: Liberated and reactivated by the player.


The compound is roughly 20 km in diameter, with a large central tower shaped like a bee hive, consisting of hundreds of open levels, like an unfinished skyscraper. At the start of the game it is completely deserted. Automatic defense systems stop it being permanently occupied by gremlins, but famine, disease and gremlin raids have forced out the inhabitants, who are now refugees outside Ori.


On the middle level of the beehive structure


Processes essence from Ori and and distributes it out to the whole Network. The Great Makers veins and arteries are close to the surface the huge cavern it occupies. As a result, there was well established industrial facilities around the periphery of the hub. However, if the Autocthonians activities interfered with the ancient Alchemicals, automated defenses made short work of the offending structures and Soulsteel Alchemicals were dispatched to reeducate the over-enthusiastic Sodalites.

Linked Facilities

  • ECHO Net – a series amplifier nodes that if activated can create a pulse of essence that checks structural stability and node status in the Lightening Network.


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