Origin of Reaction (Ori). Ori is the name given to the city that surrounds the Elemental Pole of Lightening, and is the largest node in the Lightening Network. The name itself is a reference to a hugely powerful god that resides in the core at the centre of the city. It has a huge and well established population, however in recent times the city’s expansion has been severely limited by the available space as a result its fundamental structure. Immediately below the city’s major entrance is a large port that sits on a raised platform, colloquially referred to as simply ‘The Platform’. Since the collapse of the network, millions of refugees have taken shelter underneath the platform.


The city itself is spread over the inner surface of a huge sphere. On a clear day, when the smog is reprocessed due to reaching hazardous levels, the horizon visibly curves upwards in a sickening fashion and it is possible to see the opposite end of the city above you. In the centre of the sphere, floating high above the city, is the core. The core surrounds the elemental pole of lightening, and is home to The Origin of Reaction itself. It constantly crackles with violent lightening, the frequency of which increases with the Origins activity. The core is connected to the city by two massive pillar-like structures that extend from its poles to the city. Since the collapse of the network, the umbilical cords are studded with ancient Alchemical Exalts that each form a complex of manses, their sole purpose to supply the Origin with essence.


Elemental pole of lightening.


The city functions primarily to serve The Origin of Reaction, enabling the god to manage Autocthons great essence network. However, as the city grew in population and efficiency it became possible to devote excess productivity to a great many other industries and endeavors. The city had, and still has to a lesser degree, substantial military might, and before the collapse of the network pressed far into the deep reaches of Autocthonia.

Linked Facilities

  • Vats
  • Forges
  • Ancient mechanisms


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